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16 September 2022

If you know me, you know that me and Notting Hill go hand in hand. I'm a huge fan of Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant as actors, his dancing scene in Love Actually will forever be ingrained in my brain. 

Notting Hill is one of those films that I put on and instantly makes me feel in a better mood, I just love it. The late 90s style, the London scenery, the soundtrack and obviously the storyline and William and Anna's unstable but movie like (ironic) relationship. So in a nutshell, everything. Stick on a rom-com and I am hooked. 

As I explained in a previous post, whenever I watch a film, I take inspiration from the style and try and recreate the outfits as best as possible or end up on Asos instead scrolling for hours. 

As we prepare to eek into Autumn style, which takes me a while to get used to after wearing summer dresses for a few months, Anna Scott does it pretty perfectly; from berets to leather jackets and the classic Vans trainer.

Black wool beret- Asos

Cat eye sunglasses in shiny black- Asos

Cat eye sunglasses in black- Bershka vis Asos

Oversized faux leather blazer in black- Bershka via Asos

Faux leather cropped blazer jacket in black- Topshop via Asos

Faux leather trench coat in brown- Bershka via Asos

Leather look trench in black- Vila via Asos

I think this is THE epitome of Notting Hill fashion. The different textures between the leather and wool contrast so well together and the famous incognito sunglasses paired with the look finish off the 'trying to be hidden as I'm a famous film star' style. 

Leather belt in brown with gold antique buckle- Asos

Wide faux suede belt with burnished gold western buckle in brown- Asos

Basic high neck funnel top in slate- Topshop via Asos

Rib vest with assymmetrical strap in grey marl- Asos

Vest in grey marl- Topshop via Asos

Large linen cover up in teal- Monsoon

Without the floral kimino, this outift is so easy to recreate and one of those 'less is more' kind of looks; with the wide leg blue jeans, brown belt and a grey vest. The links I've given aren't exactly the same items as the ones in the image shown but you may have these in your wardrobe already, or anything similar will create this simplistic outfit. However, the kimono isn't to everyone's taste so I chose only one in case you want to fully steal the look but so many things can be worn instead. It has be something of a loose jacket shape so for me, I would maybe wear a blazer or even a cardigan. I think the hair and the jewellery complete this outfit perfectly, an up-do and dainty necklaces and bracelets. 

(stain not to be recreated)

What is your favourite look? 

Bethan xx

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