25 things to do to make the most out of your December

5 December 2022

I think the lead up can be just as exciting as Christmas day so here is a list of things you can do to make the most out of the most wonderful time of the year (couldn't help myself there). 

1. Pick your Christmas tree and spend a while deliberating which one is the best.
2. Decorate the Christmas tree, random and themed, go big or go home. 

3. Binge Netflix and watch as many Christmas films as humanly possible. 

4. Paint a festive mug (run to Flying Tiger!)

5. Go on a mental health walk and grab a hot chocolate (or your hot drink preference).

6. Read 10 pages of a book, festive or not.

7. Drive around your town to admire the Christmas lights.

8. Declutter your wardrobe. Tidy wardrobe, tidy mind.

9. Throw a Strictly final party. Get all the glitz out. Even make scorecards.

10. Make a 2023 vision/mood board.

11. Improve or show off your baking skills and make some gingerbread or mince pies if you're feeling fancy.

12. Walk a Christmas light trail.

13. Dance around your kitchen and sing like Mariah Carey.

14. Finish Christmas shopping before the 24th.

15. Wrap your presents whilst watching a movie, or the fake fire on Netflix.

16. Paint your nails but festive edition.

17. Spend time with your family and ditch your phone, be present.

18. Buy a new decoration for your tree. 

19. Gather your friends for a 'friendmas'.

20. Curate a Christmas playlist, or for those Winter, kind of festive tunes.

21. Play board games and create an end of year family quiz.

22. Ice skate on a real or fake ice rink, I'm no Torvill or Dean but it's fun!

23. Have new pjs in time for Christmas Eve. 

24. Crack out a red lip every. single. day.

25. Buy a disposable camera and capture all of those festive moments.

Bethan xx

Autumn '22 | Photo diary

1 December 2022

Before you scroll through some photos, this has been my favourite autumnal outfit I've worn so far so I thought I'd share! 
Corduroy pinafore- Nobody's Child
Striped knitted vest- Zara via Red Cross 
Blazer- H&M
Bag- Uniqlo

Now it's getting darker a lot earlier, I'm not sure I'm enjoying Autumn as much (it's a love/hate relationship) but what I do love is the; Autumnal colours, the fashion, the walks, that first hot chocolate of the season and of course, pumpkin picking and carving. There have been so many special and memorable moments recently that I've loved capturing. I find myself going through them when I feel down and they are a huge reminder that the small things are the most important, as cliche as that sounds. 

I'm purely coming back to this post myself just for the colour scheme in these photos alone! But also to remember some of the best moments of Autumn 2022 that I hope you enjoy looking through too.

A charity shop trip. 

Autumn in a photo. 

Family nights in.

Lunch out with one of my sisters. 

This yellow house *heart eyes*.

Dream coat.

Annual pumpkin picking.

Birthday celebrations with a great spread.

Pumpkin carving...Harry Styles edition. 

First sighting of Christmas lights!

It's the reflection for me.

Volunteering for the St Elizabeth Hospice Christmas fair in this beautiful hall.

Bare faced early on a Saturday morning for a beach trip.

Meeting our new little cousin. Too cute.

Escaping to the fields for an Autumnal walk.

Hot chocolate dates.

This weather in the middle of November?

Bethan xx

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