Stealing Andie Anderson's style | 'How to lose a guy in 10 days'

12 August 2021

I think it's part of my personality trait that whenever I watch a film, I get quickly obsessed with a certain character's style and then find myself on Asos searching up outfits to match. I did this with Kate (Emilia Clarke) in Last Christmas when I immediately put a leopard print coat on my Christmas list! 

A couple of weekends ago, me and my family watched 'How to lose a guy in 10 days' and I fell in love with a certain look worn by Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) that consisted of a yellow satin maxi dress. I already own a yellow dress but it's very different, so of course I was on the hunt for another one. I actually went into town a couple of days later and found a yellow dress that isn't the same as the one in the film but I couldn't leave it behind. 

But as I love searching the internet for clothes anyway, I've selected a few of Andie Anderson's looks from the film and found similar items for you if you are the same as me and want to copy fictional character's styles. 

And if you haven't seen 'How to Lose a guy in 10 days', I would definitely recommend it. It's so funny, a true rom-com and has such cool early 'y2k' style. 

This yellow dress. I think we need to take a moment to appreciate the back detail!! The look is iconic and even more iconic as it's on the DVD poster. I found a few similar styles that are very Andie Anderson esque, styled with a messy low bun and a mini bag that could probably only fit a lipgloss. 

Sometimes less is more. Andie pulls off the Calvin Klein-ad style well and the outfit is pretty simple to recreate. 

I love these shorts! I couldn't find ones exactly like Andie's but these are probably the next best thing. They are so different to your usual denim shorts but still a simple outfit, paired with a basic top. 

Which outfit is your favourite?

Bethan xxx

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