A list of small things to love about Autumn

26 September 2022

New beginnings. Decluttering your wardrobe and purchasing a new jumper. The crisp air early in the morning. The creamy melted marshmallow at the bottom of a mug after drinking a hot chocolate. Still being able to wear sunglasses when the sun is shining. Staying in and feeling no FOMO; possibly having a Harry Potter marathon. Mastering the art of layering, the more the better. Getting stuck into a good book when it's raining outside. Sunday roasts with the family. Eating an apple crumble for pudding, one with a bigger ratio of crumble to apple (the best kind). Digging out your favourite cardigan. Turning up the volume on Taylor Swift's album 'Red', the soundtrack to the colder months. Playing the 'fire setting' on Netflix and pretending you can feel the warmth through the screen. Picking a pumpkin and struggling to carve it, probably making it look like something it wasn't supposed to be. Going on evening walks and spotting fireworks. Followed by taking photos of them that don't do them any justice. The golden colours in an autumnal sunset and sightings of a low moon. Trekking through the woods with a hot drink in hand and neck wrapped with the biggest scarf possible. 

What's your favourite small thing about Autumn?

Bethan xx

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