A rainy Friday in London | Photo diary

31 October 2021

A day in London, in photos! It felt so weird (a nice weird) to be back in London as I hadn't been since before the start of the Pandemic! We packed it with a trip to Tate Britain and saw an incredible exhibition by Heather Phillipson then headed to Kings Road to do some shopping. 18,000 steps later and we were on the train home, eating a Leon.

Racing for the train

I think I fell asleep after I took this photo.

Off to Tate Britain.

Really wish I brought an umbrella. 

Such incredible architecture! 

An amazing exhibition by Heather Phillipson. 

Eating lunch in the rain. 

Getting the tube to Sloane Square. 

Pretty flowers and pumpkins in Sloane Sqaure. 

Christmas has arrived in Peter Jones. 

Slightly overwhelmed by how many clothes I liked in Brandy Melville.

First time trying Joe and the Juice. It didn't disappoint. 

Does the bus ruin or make my photo of The Ivy?

Every instagrammer's dream...Peggy Porschen. 

Such a pretty display in Duke of York Square. 

Last photo of some dusky sky before getting on the tube to go home! 

Bethan xx

Visiting a pumpkin patch | Photo diary

A pretty cliche activity for the weekend before Halloween but an activity that certainly can't be missed, even if most of the pumpkins had been taken or were mushed. It was the perfect day for it, with blue skies and the feeling of fresh, crisp air that is the epitome of Autumn; my favourite kind of Autumn weather. We should have made the trip earlier so there were more pumpkins but we still managed to activate the Halloween spirit. 

I'm not the most artistic in the sense that I can't draw to save my life but hopefully my skills have improved in time for carving this year. 

I think I did the exact same last year when we went and curated a photo diary so this is really original content from me but I wanted to document it this year too! 

Grey jumper- Zara
Green and brown check skirt- Zara
Bag- Topshop (old)
Biker boots- Stradivarious

Bethan xx

The floral flares | How to style

25 October 2021

Possibly the coolest pair of trousers I own. The flare style, floral pattern and autumnal colours instantly grabbed my eye when I was aimlessly scrolling on the Asos new in section. 
Sometimes I feel like autumnal style can be a bit boring with quite a lot of plain/neutral clothing but these are in no way boring! I don't know if anyone feels the same as me about clothes in their wardrobe but I get excited when these are out of the wash so I can wear them again. Thankfully, because I am a sucker for a floral pattern, I had quite a few items I could style these with and even though they are patterned, they do pair well with quite a lot. 

Maybe it's just because I have one too many plain tops. 

The next best thing to lounge wear that you can wear out of the house. They really are so comfortable and fit perfectly! And with my collection of flares and 70s style clothing, that's slowly but surely growing, I was very excited to add these to the party. 

For this particular look, I styled them simply with a plain black cropped t-shirt and a knitted cream cardigan but anything, from sweatshirts to jumpers or shirts would go just as well. And they would probably be a bit warmer than a t-shirt that has my midriff on show. 

I was sad to say goodbye to summer styling but with this new addition to my wardrobe, it certainly makes dressing for autumn a lot more exciting. 

Flares- Topshop via Asos
Black top- Zara
Cardigan- Reclaimed Vintage via Asos
Trainers- Reebok via Asos
Gold necklace- Emily Mortimer 
Rose quartz necklace- Accessorize 

Bethan xx

Positive Daily Affirmations

27 September 2021

A few daily affirmations for journaling or just to read when you need them! I wrote some of them in my notes last week and thought I'd type them up to share on here. 

I always like to think of September as the second new year, a few new beginnings and all the good intentions. 

I let go of things that no longer serve me or my purpose. 

I believe in myself, my abilities and my talent. 

Everything I'm working hard for is on it's way to me. 

I deserve to live a life of fulfilment and joy. 

I am blessed with an abundance of health, joy and prosperity. 

I will let go of limiting beliefs. 

My dreams are on their way to me. 

Fear and anxiety will not hold me back. 

I trust myself to make the right decision.

I give myself space to learn and grow. 

I give myself the care and attention that I deserve. 

I am creatively inspired by the world around me. 

I am learning valuable lessons from myself every day.

I put my energy into things that matter to me. 

I make a difference in the world by simply existing in it. 

Bethan xx

My Autumn 2021 style lusts

23 September 2021


I'm actually finding it really hard to say goodbye to Summer this year. I always do find it hard but
for some reason especially this year; I'll miss the long evenings, the pink summer skies, feeling the warm sun on my face whilst I look at the glistening blue (sometimes green/brown) sea and of course, the summer outfits. 


I'm learning to embrace change and the changing of seasons is good. Autumn brings a lot of good things; Strictly, Bake Off and some great sunsets. Basically, good tv is all I can think of whilst I'm typing this. And my birthday!! How could I forget? It commences the start of Autumn in my eyes. 

I started searching around for some pieces to update my wardrobe with for Autumn and after some time, I finally found a few so I thought I'd share them with you! 

A lot of bright colours and brown, the colder weather can't stop me from injecting colour into my wardrobe. 

What pieces have you got your eye on? 

Bethan xx

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