19 lessons I learnt before my 20th year of life

28 September 2022

1. Be self-aware of your own needs. 

2. Rest needs to be a vital part of your week to recharge and don't feel guilty for it. 

3. But too much time alone is not good for you, find a balance. 

4. If you weren't ready, you wouldn't have the opportunity. 

5. Being productive and 'busy' all the time isn't cool. 

6. You are not going crazy, it's probably just anxiety. 

7. It's not attention seeking to give yourself credit or say you are proud of yourself. 

8. You have the power to do what's best for you. 

9. Remember to focus on how you actually feel, rather than how you should feel. 

10. Maybe the situation isn't as negative as you always think if you survive every time. 

11. Accept you're not going to feel happy all of the time, it's important to feel every emotion. 

12. Have an open mind, change is possible. 

13. Get off your phone and stop scrolling, you know you feel better for it. 

14. Spend time outside and ground yourself. 

15. Don't fight the anxiety, the uncomfortable parts are where you grow. 

16. Enjoy the little moments in life, those are the ones you remember. 

17. Don't wait for permission to do something; if it feels right, go for it. 

18. Validating yourself is a hard but achievable process. 

19. Ride with the creativity, it gives you a buzz that nothing else will. 

Bethan xx

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