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3 June 2021

The weather is warmer...at last. I think we can all agree that waking up to blue skies is a million times better than waking up to cloud everyday for months. The copious amounts of ice cream, smothering yourself in suncream (important but a boring chore) and the feeling of coming out of an airconditined shop to be hit with heat. And we can do more outside now, see friends and family and of course, hug...with caution :) Scroll through some pics of fun times from the last couple of weeks. 

Picnicing in Cambride with family. 

Let's not look at the cloud...

My cool trainer gang.

Lots of trees. Currently obsessed with nature and being outside.

Had a tango iced blast the other day for the first time, a very exciting experience. 


No caption needed!

What a view.

Skirt- Bershka 
Top- Stradivarious 
Cardigan- Stradivarious
Trainers- Adidas

Sisters in sunglasses.

The sea kind of looks blue here and I'm enjoying it a lot. Normally it's like a green-y brown.

Dress- H&M

A massive queue coming out of all the ice cream shops? Go to the co-op freezer instead. 

Rainy clouds in Cambridge.

Finally, some warm weather. 

Some pretty wysteria. 

Waiting for chips...

Dreamy colourful houses! 

Countryside views from the car. 

More tango iced blasts. 

Evenings in the garden. 

Bethan xx

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