10 Favourite Moments From 2020

24 December 2020

Well I'm not joking when I say I really don't know where to start. It's been quite a year to say the least. And forgive me before I say the most cliche sentence ever...but I truly feel like I've blinked and it's nearly over. Thank the lord. It's also felt weirdly long too which makes no sense! But nor does 2020.

I wouldn't like to look back at this year and paint it in a completely negative light. There are so many things that have happened that have brought sadness, pain and feelings of helplessness. But there are always positives to be found. 

I'm a huge believer in the saying 'everything happens for a reason' but I hit a brick wall back in March when it felt like we were tumbling down a hill not being able to catch a breath, and I couldn't seem to think of a reason as to why the whole world was going through a nightmare.

I'm so lucky that I was never affected badly throughout the year but my heart goes out to any of you who were or also found bits difficult, sending so much love.

I thought I would write a list of my favourite moments of 2020 and I really encourage you to do the same. I am always looking back at photos and videos, probably more than I care to admit especially this year as I dreamt of previous summer holidays and time spent with my loved ones. This year isn't what we hoped or expected at all but in the words of one of my favourite wizards, Albus Dumbledore, 'Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light'.

1. Our last family get together before Lockdown

I think it was on the first of March? We had a slight idea about COVID and I was slightly worried about it but no way did I think everything would happen like it did. I always think I'm lucky to have such a big and amazing family but it made me realise how much I did take it for granted. Words can't describe how excited I am for us all to be in the same room again and to give squeezes bigger than life itself.

2. Eating dinner in the rain

Sounds weird but it's true. When we were allowed people in the garden but not inside, we had some family over for dinner and it chucked it down with rain! Typical. But nothing was going to stop us staying outside. I will always always remember that evening. It's so strange how these times makes us do things we wouldn't have done previously, like we would have rushed inside but staying out in the rain was even more fun. 

3. Beach days

I'm so grateful that we live by the sea. Listening to the calmness of the waves and just feeling a little bit like I was back in Portugal.

4. Picnics in the woods

This year we discovered 'Captain's Wood', not too far from where we live and it's like a whole other world. Whenever we went, we barely saw a soul. I went early morning to do a photo shoot back in October and we managed to see the most beautiful deer! So glad I managed to capture them.

5. Friends

I couldn't have got through this year without them! I made the best memories with Holly (one of my best friends) when Lockdown restrictions were lifted; evenings on the beach with pizza was one of my favourites. 2020 has really made me so much closer to people and I couldn't be more grateful.

6. A day in Great Yarmouth and Joyland

As we weren't going on holiday this year, we decided to have a week of days out with my auntie, uncle and cousin. We all made some of the best memories but I think my favourite day was when we went back to Great Yarmouth, where we used to spend our holidays when we were little. We had a beach picnic and went to Joyland (a tiny theme park) in the evening and there was hardly anyone there so we didn't have to queue for any ride! 

7. GCSE results day 

After finishing school back in March and having my exams cancelled, I was so worried to get my results especially the week before with the scandal of the a-level results. Me, my mum and sister went for an early morning swim in the sea to calm my nerves before my appointment to collect them but I was so so happy with them and proud of what we'd all achieved. A day of good emotions.

8. Starting Sixth Form

You can read more about it here on my blog but something I was also terrified for for weeks before but I'm having the best time and have met some of the loveliest people. 

9. Turning 17

Young and sweet onlyyyy....! With all the restrictions, I still managed to have such a lovely day and I know I was lucky with the circumstances at that time. My favourite people outside celebrating (safely) all evening was more than enough for me.

10. Strictly Come Dancing

If you know me, you know how much I love strictly! I was so worried that it wouldn't go ahead this year so I'm so grateful for all the sacrifices everyone made for it to still bring some sparkly magic to my weekend. I looked forward to it every week and now I don't know what I'm going to do on my Saturday evenings anymore. Already having withdrawal symptoms!!

Wishing you all a magical Christmas and sending so much love to everyone right now at such a difficult time. Hopefully 2021 will be a bit brighter. 

Bethan xx

My top 10 Christmas films and songs

14 December 2020

Being asked to pick between Last Christmas and All I want for Christmas is You or Nativity 1 and 2 is what I imagine being asked to pick a favourite child is like. You just can't choose. So to be clear, non of these are in any particular order. 

I reckon I started listening to Christmas music about mid November and we are still working through our list of Christmas films, there's only two weeks left! 

There are so many out there but I definitely have my favourites. 

Picture the scenes- sitting by the lit, decorated christmas tree, mince pie about to be eaten, a roast in the oven, wrapping presents and The Holiday is on the tv. Perfect. 

Top ten Christmas songs: 

1. Step into christmas- Elton John

2. Last Christmas- Wham! 

3. All I want for christmas is you- Mariah Carey

4. Christmas lights- Coldplay

5. Do they know it's christmas? -Band Aid

6. Driving home for Christmas- Chris Rea

7. One more sleep- Leona Lewis

8. Christmas (baby please come home) -Michael Buble

9. Fairy Tale of New York- The Pogues

10. Christmas Wrapping- The Waitresses

If I could have an 11th, it would definitely be 'Christmas Tree Farm' by Taylor Swift. 

Top ten Christmas films:

1. Nativity 1

I can watch this so many times and I will never get bored of it. Mr Poppy (and bob) is my hero. 

2. Home Alone

I love it but I also question the family, every single time. Poor Kevin! And every time I watch it, I always search up Macaulay Culkin because I still can't believe he's how old he is.

3. The Holiday

Jude Law fan. 

4. Nativity 2 Danger in the Manger

And a David Tennant fan. 

5. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Stressful to watch but who doesn't love a bit of Christmas chaos?

6. Last Christmas

If you've seen this one, you'll know what I mean when I say it's sad but wonderful all at the same time. I'm obsessed with Emilia Clarke as Kate in this...and her leopard print coat. 

7. The Christmas Chronicals

8. Miracle on 34th Street

9. Love Actually

The ending is my favourite! A Richard Curtis classic. 

10. Disney's A Christmas Carol

I did this book for my English GCSE so we watched this film in class a lot, I love it! 

What's your favourite Christmas song or film? 

Bethan xx

Sixth Form so far | My Honest Thoughts

22 November 2020

 How many weeks until Christmas? 

I wrote a similar post to this before I started Sixth Form back in August so I feel like it's only right if I return to it and write an update. I hope, like the last one (actually one of my most viewed posts- so thank you!), it is just as helpful but if not, think of this as like a diary. 

I have just re-read the prequel to this before I start writing and to sum it up, I was very worried. Worried about not really knowing anyone, making friends and of course, starting back at school still in a global pandemic after having 5 months out of education. 


However, (in short) it's been much better than I ever imagined it could be. I feel like that's always the way as we worry too much about things for them to actually be okay. And you end up wondering why you worried so much. 

Here comes the detail:

The bus

Considering I had never been on the bus to school before, this wasn't one of the main things I was worried about. In saying that, on my first day I did have my mum and sister come with me to the bus stop on their way to work. When both my sisters were in Sixth Form, I used to hear many stories about bus antics and with everything COVID related, I had no idea what it was going to be like. We're on there with another school but at the start of term, they had a staggered start so it was very quiet and you could still social distance for a while. Now, it's so busy! I'm so glad we have to wear masks and have the windows open. I'm not too keen on the journey home especially if there is traffic as I want to be home as quickly as possible but in the morning, it's quite nice to have a bit time to think about your day before you get to school. The same with coming home as you can process your day but it just feels a lot longer, and now very dark! 

I'm very lucky that I have days where I have no lessons and some half days where I can get the bus home early.


Since I started my GCSEs, I've known what I've wanted to do for my A-levels which made life so much easier at information evenings. But I know that isn't the case for everyone! I picked English Language, Media studies and Photography. As I did them at GCSE, I had an idea of what they would entail but they are so much harder than I thought. I have been told by more people than I know that A-levels will be the hardest thing you will ever do but I suppose you only believe them when you experience it for yourself. Don't get me wrong, I love them all and I haven't actually had a boring lesson yet (famous last words). I think that's because I find everything that I'm learning about so interesting which certainly helps. I already have full folders and have written more notes than I probably did throughout year 11 and typed up many a essay so sometimes (a lot of the time), I feel pretty knee deep in it all. However, I do like a challenge and wouldn't like it if I found it easy. 

Like I mentioned earlier, I have a lot of more free periods than I expected so I try and get a lot of work done in them. I spend a lot of time in the photography room as it's easier to do Photography work in there and I love being in a creative environment. If I'm not in there, you can find me in the library as one thing I have learnt about myself, is that I work best in silence. I never thought I'd say that as I used to find silence scary, especially in an exam hall but I concentrate so much better. 

The general feel

I love the amount of freedom we have which is something you never get in high school. I feel very independent but there is a good balance with the great support from my teachers. One of the main things I was worried about was making friends but I feel like I have settled in well and have already met some lovely people. I am so used to wearing a mask everyday that I don't even notice wearing one and it feels weird if I don't wear one. However, it was quite weird meeting people and chatting to them with a mask on though! 

You can probably guess that one of my favourite things is that you're allowed to wear your own clothes, it can be stressful but to me, it somehow makes it so much more fun. 

I wanted to also share some little tips that I've learnt in the first half term too- hope you find these helpful! 

1. Have folders and file sheets every night

I didn't do this at the start but I am so glad it has become part of my routine now! I have wallets that I have in my bag with homework in due for that day or notes from the lesson. And then when I come home, I file them in my folders. This decreases the amount of sheets lying around and things getting lost which would be a nightmare. 

2. Take in work from the lesson before

I do this so I can look back at my notes and mostly we carry on learning from the lesson before so it's good to always have them there. 

3. Plan outfits

I normally do this the night before but I'm also thinking of being super organised and doing it all on a Sunday. It saves so much time in the morning!

4. Work in your frees if you can

I am a to-do list person through and through but I have never written more than I do now! They are a life saver. 

I feel like I'm finishing up an essay haha but to sum up, I am loving it but there is no denying that it is major hard work. You just have to take each day as it comes and make sure to give time for yourself too. 

Bethan xx

Quotes to get you through life... or Lockdown 2

15 November 2020


I love a good quote. I have prints on my bedroom walls, books on my bedside table full of them but one of my favourite sources of quotes is @quotesbychristie on Instagram. If you haven't already, please go check her out and all of these quotes featured in this blog post are hers. 

They always provoke thought and make me think a little bit harder or have the extra bit of motivation that I wouldn't have had before. And look how colourful they are, that is enough to make my day alone! I love waking up in the morning and refreshing my feed to see one, the best way to start your day. 

I hope these somewhat inspire you in these, again, uncertain times. The ones I have picked mean so much to me so that's why I wanted them all curated here in one place. Feel free to come back or save any of them for yourself. 

Sending lots of love to you all! 

What is your favourite quote?

Bethan xx

Officially a flares convert

2 November 2020

I've worn them once and I never want to take them off! 

I was heavily influenced by my friends at Sixth Form and the lounge wear Lockdown obsession, that I actually didn't get on board with at the time but now wish I did. I didn't think they'd suit me as I would have never chosen to wear something like this before but I'm so glad I own a pair now. 

After searching through many shops, my last resort was Asos which is a pretty good place to end with as I knew they'd have them. Topshop is another shop option if you're looking for some too.
I found these on Bershka via Asos and I instantly knew these were the ones when I saw they were ribbed and had frilly hems.  Exactly what I was looking for! (sadly you can't see either of them in these photos)

So, straight in the basket they went. 

I love the 70s vibe of them and because they're black, they'll go with everything. And I have to add that they are the comfiest item of clothing I own. 

I paired them with also another new addition to my wardrobe, this hedge green wool jumper from a brand called Only via Asos. The ballooned sleeves make it different to anything else I own and possibly the softest thing I own too! (It comes up quite small though so I would recommend you size up if you're looking to buy it.)

Key features to the perfect Autumn outfit; soft and comfortable.

I was unsure on what coat to wear with the outfit but turns out, practically anything goes! I wanted to wear my pink check coat (from Jack Wills) to add a pop of colour and in my opinion, it worked quite well.

I have left links to everything further on in the post and photos of the outfit taken my sister Megs.

Green Flares

Black flares

Pink check coat

Adidas Gazelle trainers

What are your key pieces for Autumn?

Bethan xx

Lockdown through the lens of a disposable camera

29 October 2020

After not being to use my disposable camera for my photography GCSE project, I decided to document initial Lockdown and when restrictions eased instead and I just got the photos back today! I'm so glad I did it. Looking back through the photos made all the memories flood back and I can't wait to look at them in years to come and think back to the positive parts in such a strange time of our lives. Possibly the most cliche thing ever, but it is easy to look back and focus on the negatives but I managed to make so many happy memories that I'll remember forever. 

I wanted to share my favourites in a blog post so I hope you like them as much as I do.

My exam timetable for the exams I didn't even do.

G&T in the garden.

A bit of a random one but oranges for breakfast.

Good Friday picnic in the garden.

Easter Sunday.

VE day.

My sister Bronwen's 20th birthday.

Our first walk down to the beach.

My mum and auntie making dinner outside.

My granny's birthday. An evening at the beach.

Summer beach days.

I hope you're all well and keeping safe, sending so much love.

Bethan xx

The start of the Autumnal festivities | Photo Diary

19 October 2020

Pumpkin picking! The best thing to do to get you in the autumn mood. 

Last Saturday, we took a trip to our local farm shop/garden centre and was so pleasantly surprised at the amazing Halloween and pumpkin display. It was so nice to be able to do something at the weekend and still feel completely safe as we were outside and everything was organised well. We managed to get some good sized pumpkins that are still outside waiting to be carved as I type this. However, I'm not good at carving at all so I'll probably leave that to my sisters or my dad! Definitely not that artistically inclined.
I couldn't not take any photos and not share them so here's a very autumnal photo diary of possibly the best pre-Halloween activity, in my opinion. Especially as Halloween won't be celebrated in the same way it normally is this year. 

Checked coat- Primark (last year!)

Grey Hoodie- Weekday via Asos

Mom jeans- Topshop

Trainers- Adidas

Checked jacket- Zara

What's on your Autumn to-do list?

Sending love to everyone, hope you're all okay and staying safe.

Bethan xx

5 reasons why you should watch Emily In Paris

11 October 2020

Emily in Paris. The love child of Devil wears Prada and Gossip Girl, the series that makes you want to pack your suitcases and move to Paris. I loved it! And can't stop thinking about it. 

It has become a frequent occurrence that whenever I watch a film or a TV series, as soon as I've watched 'said' thing I'm looking for the similar outfits online straight away and take huge inspiration from the main characters. For example, when I watched Last Christmas last year, I immediately wanted a leopard print coat because Kate (played by the amazing Emilia Clarke) wore one throughout the film. It went on my Christmas list quicker than it took me to realise the concept of the story line. 

And I knew I'd be the exactly the same with Emily In Paris. Before I ramble about it further, here are 5 reasons why you should watch Emily In Paris, and that's if you haven't seen it already.

1. The beautiful city of Paris

I've only ever been there for a day when me, my family and a massive group of friends went camping in France back in 2010 and I can't wait to go back. In fact, I want to live there. For a while haha, not forever. It's one of those cities where it can still look just as pretty in the rain. The buildings, cafe's and restaurants are all so picturesque. I know I would feel like I was starring in a movie everyday if I lived there! It completely made the series and is a huge part as to why it was just so great to watch. 

2. Fashion

I don't think I ever saw Emily wear an outfit twice! Despite David Attenborough probably not being best pleased, I was in awe of her Parisian style. It made me want to wear a beret and stroll around the beautiful streets of Paris with a Chanel bag. Okay, maybe I can carry on dreaming about the Chanel bag but everything else, I can try and recreate. Let the searching commence! 

3. Her friendships

Moving to Paris and starting a new job on your own must have been scary. But somehow Emily made it look easy! Without spoiling the story, she became best friends with two girls Mindy and Camille who seemed like the kindest people. I loved watching their friendships grow throughout the series especially at times when they needed each other the most. You could really tell they all had the best time filming it!

4. Emily's Instagram

A really cool part of the series is where they show the growth of Emily's Instagram (@emilyinparis) including all the photos she takes and the captions she writes. This part really reminded me of Gossip Girl, all the 'xoxo' vibes! It was so inspiring to me to see Emily snapping away in Paris, going to events and shooting content for her Instagram. Her ideas for the marketing company she worked for were so creative and had me feeling so invested in her admirable career. In short, the ultimate 'girl boss'.

5. Her positive mental attitude

As cliche as it sounds, she makes you think anything is possible. Despite her boss not being very nice to her (mostly because she's jealous of her), Emily is nothing but kind. No matter how many things go wrong, she keeps at it and finds new ways to make things work. I loved that about her and I think that's what made her character so lovable. 

And Gabriel wasn't bad too. (his outfit in one of the last scenes needs a minute of appreciation)

Let me know if you've seen it and what you thought of it, I'd love to know! 

Bethan xx

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