Styling the famous Uniqlo shoulder bag

3 October 2022

Autumn is officially here and so is the fashion. It seems like I blinked and the weather dropped about 15 degrees, has Winter come early?

I say every year that I'm not looking forward to Autumn and Winter but when they come around, I secretly love it. I'm writing this on the day that Strictly starts and that is when you know the seasons are changing, the lead up to Christmas is here and it's basically the new year.

But before I get way too ahead of myself, I couple of weeks ago I saw that the Uniqlo Mini Shoulder Bags were back in stock and I added them to my basket, both the neutral and black, almost too quickly for me to breathe. No exaggeration, I honestly thought they would sell out in minutes like they have done before but there was no need for me to be quite so dramatic. 

I'm definitely a shoulder bag person, I like wearing a bag and having my hands free so these tick so many boxes. With a simple design, they go with everything from a hoodie and coat look for those colder days to a blazer. They are so spacious and fit in so much more than I thought they would, perfectly practical and you have all your belongings so close to you with the adjustable cross-body style. 

Here is one way I would style the neutral mini shoulder bag, with a neutral casual outfit to match.

Bethan xx

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