A simple but effective skincare routine with The Ordinary

7 October 2022

The world of skincare has always seemed too big for me to fathom, so for the most part of my life, since I was about 10, I have used a miceller water and a light moisturiser. It did the trick until I started wearing more makeup earlier this year and I then wanted a few more products to make my skin feel cleaner. 

I have always been lucky with my skin; I have never had loads of bad spots, definitely the occasional few though and more around my period. I used to struggle with major oiliness around my 't-zone' and my skin is textured around those areas, all completely normal. 

However, through wearing makeup; I became so conscious of how my natural skin looked and I wouldn't be keen on the idea of leaving the house without at least something on. I love makeup because it's fun, a way for me to be creative but I never wanted it to become something I wore because I felt like I had to. 

This made me want to focus on nurturing my skin, to result in me feeling more confident if I wanted to go out without makeup on, or just so it felt nicer to apply makeup on skin that was well cleaned and hydrated. 

There are SO many skincare brands out there that you could get lost in the skincare abyss, but one that I had heard so much about was 'The Ordinary'. The simple, monochromatic packaging has always appealed to me but I loved how it involved a clinical side of it, so you kind of knew what ingredients were going onto your face and which ones worked best for what type of skin. 

I have used one of the acids before but on and off, not vigilantly and it cleared up my skin every time so it was a no brainer for what I wanted. For my birthday, I asked for 'The Daily Set', which includes the 'squalene cleanser', 'natural moisturiser' and 'hyaluronic acid', perfect for daily use in the morning and evening, as well as the 'niacinamide + zinc' that I have used before.

I thought I would go through each product and share my routine and how it's helped change my skin completely. 

Step 1: Taking off my makeup

I actually still use the 'Garnier miceller water' with cotton pads to take off the majority of my makeup because I am a creature of habit and it feels fancy to do a double cleanse. 

Step 2: (Skin prep) Massage a pea sized amount of 'Squalene cleanser' onto face and wash off with warm water. 

More about the product- 'Squalane Cleanser is formulated to clean skin by removing makeup and dirt. Its skin-cleansing properties harness plant-derived squalane, a well-studied moisturizing agent, alongside lipophilic esters that will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft while dissolving makeup.'

This step is so therapeutic. I always wanted to make skincare a vital part of my day and since doing it, I have found it makes me feel so much better even in myself to know that I spent time on my skin in the morning, instead of slapping on a bit of moisturiser and not even taking time over massaging it in. 
The act of rubbing the cleanser into your face to make it oil based (it starts off as a cream formula) is actually quite grounding and it feels like you're putting effort into your skin. The more you massage, the more clean your skin feels as you get into every pore. Once the oil has either removed makeup or cleaned out any excess dirt, I wash off with warm water and a flannel or splash the face and make the bathroom a wet room.

Step 3: A drop of the 'Niacinamide + zinc' serum for a more even complextion. 

More about the product- 'Our Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% formula is a water-based serum that boosts skin brightness, improves skin smoothness and reinforces the skin barrier over time.'

They state that this product shouldn't be used to treat acne and I'm lucky enough to have not experienced it, but this product if used day and night or just every night, has cleared up the spots that I have had either over night or a lot quicker when consistently using this. I haven't been using it yet for 8 weeks but it does say you should achieve smoother skin within that time which I definitely believe. I've never used a serum before but they feel so nice to apply and you only need a tiny drop so the product lasts for a long time. 

Step 4: A drop of the 'Hyaluronic acid' for an extra layer of hydration. 

More about the product- 'Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 is a water-based formula combining low-, medium- and high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid molecules and a next-generation HA crosspolymer to support hydration to multiple layers of your skin. Plus, it uses pro-vitamin B5 to enhance hydration at the outer layers, resulting in smoother, plumper skin.' 

The word 'plump' has ick potential but I couldn't think of a better word to describe how it makes my skin feel. I started seeing results within a week of using it, I tend to only apply in the morning before my moisuriser and my makeup applies so much nicer than it ever did before. My face feels a lot more awake and alive after applying and smooth in the areas that I was targeting. 

Step 5: Seal with 'Natural moisturising factors'

More about the product- 'Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA is a moisturizer that works with your skin to support its natural hydration barrier. By using a collection of ingredients that appear naturally in your skin, this cream keeps the outer layer of your skin protected and well-hydrated, without feeling greasy.'

This moisturiser is exactly what I was after, something that wasn't too heavy and didn't make my skin oily. It really does feel like I am sealing in the few products I applied before for them to work their magic. 

For me, this skincare regieme feels like the perfect place to start; with not too many products or steps and I know that each product works with my skin type. I have noticed a huge change in my overall skin tone, and I have far less aggressive spots and small ones disappear quickly. I would definitely recommend if you're looking to try new skincare products that aren't too expensive. 

Bethan xx

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