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25 October 2021

Possibly the coolest pair of trousers I own. The flare style, floral pattern and autumnal colours instantly grabbed my eye when I was aimlessly scrolling on the Asos new in section. 
Sometimes I feel like autumnal style can be a bit boring with quite a lot of plain/neutral clothing but these are in no way boring! I don't know if anyone feels the same as me about clothes in their wardrobe but I get excited when these are out of the wash so I can wear them again. Thankfully, because I am a sucker for a floral pattern, I had quite a few items I could style these with and even though they are patterned, they do pair well with quite a lot. 

Maybe it's just because I have one too many plain tops. 

The next best thing to lounge wear that you can wear out of the house. They really are so comfortable and fit perfectly! And with my collection of flares and 70s style clothing, that's slowly but surely growing, I was very excited to add these to the party. 

For this particular look, I styled them simply with a plain black cropped t-shirt and a knitted cream cardigan but anything, from sweatshirts to jumpers or shirts would go just as well. And they would probably be a bit warmer than a t-shirt that has my midriff on show. 

I was sad to say goodbye to summer styling but with this new addition to my wardrobe, it certainly makes dressing for autumn a lot more exciting. 

Flares- Topshop via Asos
Black top- Zara
Cardigan- Reclaimed Vintage via Asos
Trainers- Reebok via Asos
Gold necklace- Emily Mortimer 
Rose quartz necklace- Accessorize 

Bethan xx

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