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31 October 2021

A pretty cliche activity for the weekend before Halloween but an activity that certainly can't be missed, even if most of the pumpkins had been taken or were mushed. It was the perfect day for it, with blue skies and the feeling of fresh, crisp air that is the epitome of Autumn; my favourite kind of Autumn weather. We should have made the trip earlier so there were more pumpkins but we still managed to activate the Halloween spirit. 

I'm not the most artistic in the sense that I can't draw to save my life but hopefully my skills have improved in time for carving this year. 

I think I did the exact same last year when we went and curated a photo diary so this is really original content from me but I wanted to document it this year too! 

Grey jumper- Zara
Green and brown check skirt- Zara
Bag- Topshop (old)
Biker boots- Stradivarious

Bethan xx

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