My Autumn 2021 style lusts

23 September 2021


I'm actually finding it really hard to say goodbye to Summer this year. I always do find it hard but
for some reason especially this year; I'll miss the long evenings, the pink summer skies, feeling the warm sun on my face whilst I look at the glistening blue (sometimes green/brown) sea and of course, the summer outfits. 


I'm learning to embrace change and the changing of seasons is good. Autumn brings a lot of good things; Strictly, Bake Off and some great sunsets. Basically, good tv is all I can think of whilst I'm typing this. And my birthday!! How could I forget? It commences the start of Autumn in my eyes. 

I started searching around for some pieces to update my wardrobe with for Autumn and after some time, I finally found a few so I thought I'd share them with you! 

A lot of bright colours and brown, the colder weather can't stop me from injecting colour into my wardrobe. 

What pieces have you got your eye on? 

Bethan xx

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