Officially a flares convert

2 November 2020

I've worn them once and I never want to take them off! 

I was heavily influenced by my friends at Sixth Form and the lounge wear Lockdown obsession, that I actually didn't get on board with at the time but now wish I did. I didn't think they'd suit me as I would have never chosen to wear something like this before but I'm so glad I own a pair now. 

After searching through many shops, my last resort was Asos which is a pretty good place to end with as I knew they'd have them. Topshop is another shop option if you're looking for some too.
I found these on Bershka via Asos and I instantly knew these were the ones when I saw they were ribbed and had frilly hems.  Exactly what I was looking for! (sadly you can't see either of them in these photos)

So, straight in the basket they went. 

I love the 70s vibe of them and because they're black, they'll go with everything. And I have to add that they are the comfiest item of clothing I own. 

I paired them with also another new addition to my wardrobe, this hedge green wool jumper from a brand called Only via Asos. The ballooned sleeves make it different to anything else I own and possibly the softest thing I own too! (It comes up quite small though so I would recommend you size up if you're looking to buy it.)

Key features to the perfect Autumn outfit; soft and comfortable.

I was unsure on what coat to wear with the outfit but turns out, practically anything goes! I wanted to wear my pink check coat (from Jack Wills) to add a pop of colour and in my opinion, it worked quite well.

I have left links to everything further on in the post and photos of the outfit taken my sister Megs.

Green Flares

Black flares

Pink check coat

Adidas Gazelle trainers

What are your key pieces for Autumn?

Bethan xx

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