A list of small things I love

2 August 2021

The smell of 'Summer' in the evenings. The smell of rain and the sight of a rainbow. The bright yellow colour of sunflowers. Walking through the fields at sunset. Placing my hands to heart centre at the end of a yoga session. Laying in the garden and feeling the grass between my fingers. The first taste of mint chocolate ice cream after fancying one all day. When the sea is like a millpond. Picking my outfit the night before. Playing 80s songs and dancing to Whitney Houston in the kitchen. Long car drives. The pastel pinks in a summer evening sky. When my favourite dress is out of the wash. Ticking off that last bit of work on my to-do list. The feeling of a free weekend. Maisie Peters on the radio. Forgetting to check my phone. Waking up to blue sky and the sun beaming through the cracks of my blinds. The sound of the sea crashing against the rocks. Having the back door open and feeling the fresh, mild air. Hearing laughter. Laughing. A clean room.  A tidy mind. Writing how I feel. Wearing colour. Stargazing and seeing the moon through the telescope. Waking up early and realising it's not a school day. Listening to a song I haven't heard in years. Taking photos. Clean sheets. When Harry Styles is first on shuffle. Walking barefoot in the sand. Feeling the sun on my face. Being with my favourite people. Love. 

(This was totally inspired by the novelist Matt Haig, click here to see his version) 

What is a small thing you love?

Bethan xx

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