Two casual ways to style the flares

17 January 2021

When I said I was going to be back with a cheerier post, by cheerier I meant talking about clothes. Because that's a happier topic right?

Clothes is actually a massive distraction for me and something to focus on but it's just a shame I can't wear my outfits out right now, the daily walk will have to do! 

For Christmas I received a pair of flares from Topshop which I had been eyeing up for ages, they ended up being too long for me (they looked so funny) so we ordered a shorter pair and they fit a treat! Since buying my black flares back last year, I have become a massive convert and I think they might be my new favourite style of jean. 

I don't know what it is about them specifically that I love but I think it's just that they make any outfit look instantly 'cool'. (take from that what you will because I don't think I'm cool haha) But they change a plain t-shirt and skinny jeans look to a whole new level. A flare is like the extra bit of spice in a curry, the guapacha timing in a cha-cha that makes your dance go from a 7 to a 10 or the bridge in Driver's Licence by Olivia Rodrigo. 

So you may have seen these two looks on my Instagram (@bethmpilcher) but I wanted to share them on here too! 

I think some people could over-think styling flares, maybe because they are another clothing item that has come back around again from the 70s and you wonder how to make them current to now. But I've worn them with practically everything in my wardrobe and I'm so here for the 70s vibes. 

Especially with my 'Last Christmas' inspired leopard print coat! 

You will always find me wearing a pop of colour. Even with an all black outfit, I'll probably have my yellow earrings in. So these two outfits that I'm about to share might be quite out there for some but I personally love them. And like I said, they are quite casual too; great for walks and layers can be added. 

Jeans- Topshop

Checked coat- Jack Wills

Cream turtle neck- Bershka

Grey sweatshirt- Bershka 

Trainers- Adidas

Chain necklace- Zara

Coat- H&M
Purple turtle neck- Stradivarious
(My makeshift 'fashion' belt is actually a vintage neckerchief)
Trainers- Adidas
Earrings- Zara 

Are you a fan of the flare?

Bethan xx

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