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12 February 2021

This year certainly had a different start. And for someone who doesn't like change; there has been quite a lot of it! I had been off school since December 10th as our school decided to shut early so I already had a taste of what home learning would be like but I thought that would be it and I would be back at school on the 11th January. 

But then the Lockdown announcement happened and we got told that we were in Lockdown until at least mid February. And now it is going to be for even longer! 

With being in Sixth form, I'm quite lucky that I have a lot of free periods but then that does balance out with the amount of work load. I'm just trying to juggle everything and hope for the best. 

My morning routine when I'm going to school is very different to when I'm learning from home. Going to school, my morning is a bit of a rush and I'm usually running to the bus with two minutes to spare! I was a bit worried about how my mornings would be at home if I was lacking motivation as my lessons still start at 9am, and the thought of staying in bed a lot longer would be very appealing. However, it does give me an extra hour because I don't have to travel on the bus. 

I decided to keep my morning routine very similar e.g still wake up at the usual time and get showered and properly dressed for the day as it just makes me feel so much better. I'm definitely not a working from home in your pjs kind of girl. But if you are, that's okay too. 

Because I've had more time, I have added in some things at the start of my day so I can have time to do things for just me as I think that's so important, especially in Lockdown. My day after my morning routine is super busy with online lessons, school work, staring at a screen for hours on end sometimes and whatever else I have on my mind that I need to do. But starting off my morning well makes a huge difference on how I feel towards tackling my day, viewing it in a more positive light. 

I thought I'd share my morning routine when I'm learning from home to maybe inspire some of you? I mean that's my aim anyway! But also disclaimer: some mornings do not go this way and sometimes I'm rolling out of bed at 8:15am when I've got a live lesson at 9am and I've got to wash my hair and look somewhat presentable. This is how it goes on a good day and wow do I celebrate those when I have one as they certainly don't happen often! 

6:45am- The dreaded alarm goes off on Alexa and I tell her to stop talking. I stay in bed for a little bit longer and think about the long day ahead. I then think about getting up and putting my workout gear on to take my mat and laptop downstairs. Eventually, I do it. 

7:00am- I do any form of exercise for around 10-15 minutes. I love moving my body around for my mental health, it makes me feel like I can see the day a bit clearer. Sometimes I don't really want to or I skip it if I wake up later but I can really tell the difference in how I feel if I don't exercise.

7:15am- Jump in the shower. I'm going to be honest, these times are a bit messed up if I'm washing my hair as getting ready takes longer. I normally just change everything around and leave my hair wet for my online lesson! 

7:30am- BreathPod. I take part in their breathwork Instagram live sessions in the morning, over on the @Breathpod instagram. There's a lot of controlled breathing that goes on, as well as meditation and affirmation work. I love it! During the period between Christmas and the new year, I struggled with being anxious quite frequently and watching the IGTVs really helped a lot and has given me so many more breathing techniques to use when I feel anxious. The lives are such a good way to start your day in a calm way. 

8:05am- Finish off getting ready. This consists of getting dressed, even taking time to pick out a pair of earrings, making my bed, drying my hair if I've washed it, straightening it and putting a bit of concealer under my eyes to make it look like I'm wide awake. 

Around 8:40am (this varies!)- Have breakfast. Anything from a bit of yoghurt and fruit, toast (nutella is my favourite) or cereal! 

8:55am- I'm normally am, well should be, at my desk by this point with my laptop open ready to join my first live lesson of the day. 

I sometimes have my to-do list already written at this point or I'll write it after, but the schedule of my day is different everyday as sometimes my lessons won't start until 12:30pm on a Monday and that means my morning is a bit different! I'll stay in bed just a tiny bit longer. 

I find it really helps to have a to-do list so you can tick things off as you go throughout the day but don't be hard on yourself if you don't complete everything. I've also got back into watching series on Netflix (loved Bridgerton!) or I love listening to a podcast or going for a walk so I make sure I do something like that in my day too, it's so important to give yourself breaks especially when working from home to change things up and to make sure you're not staring at a screen for 10 hours straight. 

A week or a month learning from home can often feel like a never ending day when every day feels exactly the same but I always remind myself that I will be back at school one day and I'll finally feel way more confident to be back answering questions in class, instead of online. Haha. Anyone got any tips?

I hope this helped some of you in any way! Or even just to know that you're not alone in feeling like the work load is too much or you're finding it hard to concentrate. It's not easy! 

Sending love to you all! 

Bethan xx

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