A Bank Holiday Weekend in Cambridge | Photo Diary

6 September 2020

Last Saturday, we visited my auntie, uncle and baby cousin in Cambridge. The furthest we've been in nearly 6 months! It felt so good to be out and we had such a beautiful day! I took some photos and also posted a reel on instagram (@bethmpilcher) but wanted to curate them all into a little blog post to look back on too.

As well as walking around the town, we also went to such a cool exhibition in Kettle's Yard called 'Linderism'. I'd never heard of Linder Sterling before but her work is so interesting. She creates 'radical feminist photomontages, confrontational performance art and incorporates issues of sexuality' which you might be able to see in the photos I took. 

And even if it felt like winter had come before Autumn on an August bank holiday, we sat in the park and had our picnic whilst watching some punters have success and some punters...not have success. I was so glad it was not me!
It only started to rain when we were walking back to the car but with a broken umbrella that was battling the wind, I felt like Mary Poppins but maybe not so glamourous (drowned rat style). 

Hoping for more days like this! Even if it rains again. 

Have a lovely week! 

Bethan xx

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