Some of the films we watched during Lockdown

29 September 2020

*This post was written about 4 months ago and I was meant to post it back in Summer but never got around to it! Sending love to everyone but especially those back in lockdown, this might help a bit.

Funnily enough, I had never really been a film lover since before lockdown as I couldn't think of anything worse than sitting for approximately two hours doing nothing. Well, that changed because I did nothing in the day and watching a film at night meant I could immerse myself into another world for a bit. A couple of hours away from my phone and looking at a screen ten times bigger haha. 
Especially at the start of lockdown, our night routine was to put on a film as it seemed at that time there was also nothing to watch on tv that would lighten our spirits. Sometimes instead of watching new films, we would either re-watch an old favourite or my mum and dad would choose a film that they used to watch back in 80s/90s when they were our age. As well as following along with the story line, the fashion and style of the characters really interested me. It was crazy to see how the production of films have changed overtime. 
Whilst we were watching all of these films, I was also noting them down in my notebook so I didn't forget what we did in such a strange time of our lives so as well as them being on a scrappy bit of paper, I thought I would type them up into a blog post too! I hope you enjoy and maybe get some film recommendations for yourself. 

I've actually watched this one many times and the moral of this film will most definitely stick with me forever. A solid choice for my sister's lockdown birthday cinema night.

High School Musical 1, 2 and 3
My first Disney + watches did not disappoint. I can't remember when the last time I watched these films was but it was such a long time ago! From watching them again, I can't decide what is my favourite, 1 or 3! What's your favourite?

10 things I hate about you
Never heard of this film before seeing it on Disney + but I loved it! A late 90s classic 'teen film'. 

I still feel ashamed that I hadn't seen this until earlier this year but better late than never! It was an easy watch, the fashion is really cool and not going to lie, it left me feeling jealous of Cher's wardrobe technology. The stress of picking an outfit would no longer exist.

I wasn't sure of it at first but it grew on me and it's now one of my favourites. The concept is really clever, I'd never seen anything like it before! A gripping story line

What we did on our holiday
Another family favourite that we watched on my other sister's lockdown birthday. Heartwarming and so hilarious. 

Stuck in love
In my top two! My sister's choice one evening way back in the depths of lockdown as she had seen it before but the rest of us hadn't. I think it has to be a favourite purely because when I think of the films we watched, this one always pops into my head first. The complexities of love told through such a beautiful story. (and anything with Lily Collins in is ~great~)

Cheaper by the dozen
A family classic. At parts it was stressful to watch haha but a true comedy, I was laughing the whole through.

Breakfast club
I had wanted to watch this one for ages after hearing all the talk about it and I'm still undecided whether I loved it or not. Maybe just a 'like' haha. I'm going to have to watch it again when we don't feel like we are also doing the exact same as the students, locked in one place and feeling bored.

The sun is also a star
A relatively new film, one we hadn't seen before but it is now a firm favourite. It's a film adaptation of the book written by Nicola Yoon, I previosuly had read her other book called 'Everything everything' and watched the film too which was amazing so I knew it would be good! I was hooked the whole way through.

Four weddings and a funeral
A bit of a random one haha. I feels ages since I saw this but it actually was such a long time ago right at the start of lockdown. I kind of liked this one but was annoyed with the ending. I do find Hugh Grant very funny though! 

Some kind of wonderful
An 80s classic. Love the soundtrack! And the old school vibe. 

Fisherman Friends
I really didn't think I'd like this one as I thought it wasn't my thing but I was so wrong! It's feel good, heartfelt and based on a true story which makes it even better. 

Dirty Dancing
Whenever I think of this film, I always think of my mum purely because of the fact that when this film came out in the cinema, she saw it seven times!! It was on late at night on the tv and we had to watch it, even if we did go to bed at 1am. You just can't beat it. Wouldn't we all love to be able to do 'the lift'?

I can't believe it took me this long to watch. I knew the words to most of the songs before I'd even seen it! It did not disappoint. 

I know it's not a film but the only series I watched during lockdown was 'Normal People'. It was such a beautiful watch, I didn't want it to end! I completely fell in love with Marianne and Connel and went through many emotions with them as you watch the story unfold. 

What films did you watch in lockdown?

Bethan xx

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