Lockdown through the lens of a disposable camera

29 October 2020

After not being to use my disposable camera for my photography GCSE project, I decided to document initial Lockdown and when restrictions eased instead and I just got the photos back today! I'm so glad I did it. Looking back through the photos made all the memories flood back and I can't wait to look at them in years to come and think back to the positive parts in such a strange time of our lives. Possibly the most cliche thing ever, but it is easy to look back and focus on the negatives but I managed to make so many happy memories that I'll remember forever. 

I wanted to share my favourites in a blog post so I hope you like them as much as I do.

My exam timetable for the exams I didn't even do.

G&T in the garden.

A bit of a random one but oranges for breakfast.

Good Friday picnic in the garden.

Easter Sunday.

VE day.

My sister Bronwen's 20th birthday.

Our first walk down to the beach.

My mum and auntie making dinner outside.

My granny's birthday. An evening at the beach.

Summer beach days.

I hope you're all well and keeping safe, sending so much love.

Bethan xx

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