What to wear? | Summer trends for 2020

5 August 2020

We can finally wear clothes out! Yay! 
Or if you're like me, you've dressed up practically every day in lockdown. Wearing pyjamas or joggers in the day is not for me haha. 
The shops weren't obviously open for quite some time but that didn't stop me from buying online, mostly ASOS and Zara I found myself browsing on. It felt like Christmas when a package came through the door, something to look forward to in such an odd time. 

With that being said, I love everything in the shops at the moment and the trends going around so I've curated my favourites and raided my wardrobe to try and recreate a similar style. 

1. The puffy sleeve

This is a bit of a marmite one. I personally love it and think it gives such a cool silhouette to an outfit but I know a few people who aren't too keen. Rather than just wearing a plain t-shirt, it gives an outfit a bit of 'depth'. The one that I'm wearing is from Stradivarious and yes, very risky wearing this colour in the Summer but I love this shade of blue! 

2. The colour 'mauve'

I'm especially loving the pastels at the moment so when I saw this top on the Zara website, it went straight into my basket. I went on a couple of weeks ago to order more in different colours but I couldn't find the same t-shirt anywhere! However, I have seen so many tops in the same colour on nearly every website I've visited so they're not hard to find. It's so easy to style too, I'm wearing it here with my leopard print midi skirt (Loavies) but it would look great with just a pair of denim shorts or jeans. I love the cropped (but not too cropped), boxy fit and it's such good quality for not very much money at all. Perfect for summer.

3. Linen bermuda shorts

They may be a pain to iron because they just crease straight away but a really cool piece to have in your wardrobe that's different from the basic denim short. You could dress them up too but I haven't tried that as typical me is always wearing a trainer. They remind me so much of holiday as I wore them in Portugal last year! I'm just wearing it here with a black t-shirt but they would pretty much go with everything.

4. Tennis skirt/Sports clothing

I've only just joined the tennis skirt hype but the sporty style has been around for a while. Better late than never, right? I am yet to try the cycling short trend as I'm not sure it's my style but it's so cool! I think I might just stick to my tennis skirt, see how I style it in my blog post here.

5. Bucket style bags

I have been a huge basket bag fan for years but for Christmas, I received this bucket bag style one and I haven't been able to use it until recently! It instantly makes any outfit look cool, I love it so much. You can't fit a lot in there so it's only really for essentials but I don't feel I carry a lot around with me in Summer anyway. It reminds me, again, of going on holiday as they always have so many basket bags in Portugal markets!

What's your favourite Summer 2020 trend?

Bethan xx

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