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17 May 2021

Writing about spring fashion when it's May and sunny is totally different to writing about spring fashion when it's rainy and horrible outside. This can be classed as manifestation, right?

So I've boycotted the coat and am dealing with the fact that I might freeze to death. 

But this is for when the weather does warm up and we can walk freely out of the house and maybe not even bother to check the weather app. What a dream that will be. 

I have been looking for a pair of wide-leg jeans for ages! I've tried many, a lot were too long and too baggy. I know that's the style but you know when it's too much, you want them to fit nicely in the right areas. 

With things like this, I learnt that the best thing to do is try on in-store if you can. When looking online, sometimes they'd look perfect on the model and they would arrive, look good out of the packet and then just not look how I envisioned at all when I tried them on. This happened many times before venturing in-store. 

But one of the things I also realised was that my legs were too short and they would need a inches cut off them so they didn't look like my ankles were being drowned with material and I could wear a pair of trainers without the hem dragging across the floor. 

The pair that I now own and actually fit me are from H&M and I managed to find them on a random rail in my size! The fact that fitting rooms are open now is a lifesaver and especially if you have a helpful assistant to tell you you should buy them, an added bonus. 

However, they were too long for me but fitted everywhere else perfectly so I knew that when I cut them, I would be happy with them as if it wasn't, I couldn't send them back. 

When it came to doing the traditional fashion show at home, trying on many different tops to see how I'd wear them, I thought it would be quite difficult as they are baggy and I didn't want to wear a baggy top with them but it's up to personal preference and I think it looks okay if you do a half tuck at the front. 

I've chosen three t-shirts, very much channeling the spring vibe, that I have worn with them or plan on wearing with them when the weather changes! I'm obessed with anything colourful at the moment. And my trusty basket bag, claw clips and trainers. What a trio of accessories. 

Link to the jeans- click here

Lilac striped top- New Look
Jeans- H&M
Mint mini claw clip- Asos
Basket bag- (brought on holiday but can purchase from anywhere right now)
Converse- Office
Necklace- Daisy Jewellery

Blue button down top- H&M
Brown claw clip- Asos
Trainers- Adidas

Sage cropped t-shirt- H&M
Trainers- Asos

Bethan xx

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