Easter Weekend 2021 | Photo diary

5 April 2021

Happy Bank holiday Monday! I'm not sure whether Spring is coming or going seeing as we had a sprinkling of snow this morning and now it's blue skies and sunshine but I'm so glad the weather held out for us over the weekend so we were able to celebrate Easter outside with family. I can't express how much of a difference it has made to be able to see friends out and about and have family in the garden! 

Here is a selection of photos from over the weekend. It started with our annual Good Friday picnic in the garden with only a fraction of the family we usually see but it was still so lovely. We stayed in the garden until it was dark and hung out by the fire pit. I haven't put in any photos from Saturday as I don't have many but I saw one of my friends in the morning and stayed at home in the afternoon ticking things off my to-do list like the usual clean and hoover of my room. (Fun times!)

Easter Sunday started off with a few mini eggs and hot cross buns for breakfast. And then bacon rolls in my auntie and uncle's garden followed by an Easter egg hunt. We danced and played on the trampoline like we were 5 years old again. Not pictured either but after, we came back home and more family came to ours for dinner outside in the garden. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend whatever you were up to as well. 

Enjoy having a scroll through my photo selection of some of the best moments. 

Good Friday picnic

The blue skies finally appeared! 

An evening outside with family and the fire pit keeping us warm.

Easter treats from the Easter bunny.

Black cropped t-shirt- Zara
Sunglasses- RayBan
Floral cream wide leg trousers- Zara
Basket Bag- Zara

All the eggs were found! 

A beautiful sky to end a beautiful weekend. 

Bethan xx

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